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Thanks dropping by. I’m Ina Amor Mejia. A writer, photographer and aspiring filmmaker, and I live in Manila with my husband, daughter and son. I believe that life is a series of turning points, and I’ve found myself living from one milestone to the next, not really mindful of the time in between. 
The millions of non-moments that we take for granted. I was always on the verge of something, dreaming, hoping and waiting. I think you know the feeling. 
Tales from the Cusp is about the end of waiting. Holding my breath, and we wait. Counting the days. When the day finally comes, I’m not really there. I’m already in the next moment that’s yet to happen.  
Since its founding in December 2013, Tales has slowly gathered a loyal community of readers from the Philippines and all over the world. For these wonderful women, the blog is now a favorite source for craft ideas, recipes, home and living inspiration, and for shared life experiences. to celebrate life for all that it is. 
I hope you find something that inspire you to live in the moment.