A Few Old Things

I’ve been looking at the old things in my Mom’s kitchen and I’m suddenly seeing them with new eyes. These old plates, cups, and glasses that we grew up with, packed and unpacked when we moved cities and houses, and put lovingly on new shelves and cupboards that would be their home. Like many people, Mom lost a few things in last October’s earthquake, but not these. Thank you to the God of old things, because someone has plans for them.

The ice cream scoop and wine corkscrew look archaic, but they work just fine. The scoop would be so cute for a vintage-themed birthday party. The corkscrew might be the sexiest thing in a home bar cart. Preferably mine. Character is what these things have. One that only comes with age, and some of these things are almost 40 years old. Like these glasses…

I’m not the biggest fan of etched glass, but these are just lovely. Mom has several different types of these short etched glasses, but these gems, with their smoky emerald color are my favorite. And these, with stems.

Clear and simple. Nostalgic but also timeless. I see chocolate mousse and yogurt parfait in their not so distant future. There’s also this large fine china set that includes the teacup below. A bit too raised pinky for me, but still pretty.

But I fell hard for these glazed ceramic coffee pot and cups.

They are mossy green, and have a very tactile, handmade sense about them. And finally, another favorite is this hand painted resin banana leaf platter.

My mother is the queen of improv, so this might have been meant for a wall actually, but guess what happened. It’s genius and quirky. And I remember partaking of baked mussels, grilled milkfish, and many other good eats from this thing. Memories…thank you old things. And thank you for reading.

*Just wondering, if you were handed precious kitchen heirlooms, would you actually use them?


  1. I say yes because what good are these heirlooms if they play no real role in your family's story but rather were just locked in a glass cabinet, only looked at not ever enjoyed? I am pretty sure they would gladly take over-use and breakage than just be spectators to our lives…

    April 21, 2014

  2. Anonymous

    Gretchen — Heirlooms should be used everyday or at least when you are entertaining. That does not happen everyday anyway. I guess some people refrain from using really expensive stuff because they might break? Which is funny because these things like china for instance were made to be used. Just handle with care!

    April 21, 2014

  3. I'm in love with those etched glasses! The pattern is so pretty!

    Yes, I would totally use kitchen heirlooms if my mom ever had the inspiration to give me some! I don't believe in keeping things "for display only". I use everything I own – especially the pretty objects I handpicked.

    p.s. great photos, as usual!

    April 21, 2014

  4. I would definitely use them. When my mum was considering buying a new set of glasses to replace the ones we were using at the time, i suggested that we use the glasses that were given as wedding presents. No use in letting them gather dust in the display case.

    April 22, 2014

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, I use them all the time. Everyday is precious and deserves to be celebrated with things of beauty, character and history. — Stephanie H., Manila 🙂

    January 27, 2015

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