After a round of fertilizer, both the fruiting and the “possibly fruiting” lemons are growing new leaves. But I can tell you for sure that in a few weeks those leaves will succumb to the mysterious pests that have plagued our lemons for years. Our Eugenia desperately needs pruning and cacti need repotting. In my heart I will debate once again why I keep doing this to myself.

Recent events have seen a waning of my gardening, once fervent, it had become a tired routine of checking and making promises. The To Do List grew and was lost. Plants died and were discarded. I thought I would cry but I simply uttered goodbye under my breath and then looked away. You see these were plants, I was losing bigger things. I was losing people. But the neglect was too much to ignore, literally above me, weighing me down in bed at night like God’s finger.

The irony is, I always go up to the roof deck to get some air. And there at the same time as relief, is the neglect I helped to create staring me in the face. What a strange kind of solace.

But this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to stop the drama and just go about the gardening. I’m not going to give you a run down of what needs to be done because it is endless, but we will do it. We’ll just do it.

I hope, if you have any inclination to garden, and even if you don’t, that you might check back here in the blog for the progress of our little project. In the next posts, I will be outlining specific plans on how we intend to transform our roof deck garden, and then hopefully showing you what we’ve done as it happens.

The challenge and the hope is, that we build a garden that is the sanctuary our plants (and we) deserve. Stay tuned.

Ina Amor Mejia