Photographer: Jonathan Ong

I found the work of Melbourne-based photographer Jonathan Ong on a favorite blog, Eat Drink Chic by Amy Moss. Ong’s photos stand out in a sea of pretty but predictable wedding photography, because they are at once childlike and wise. Anyone who’s been married will remember those precious, secret moments at their wedding, and the feelings that came with them. And they will remember wishing they could take pictures right then with their eyes. I think Ong has those magic eyes.

Formally trained as a Communications Designer, Ong is admittedly shy, but calls himself “a great admirer of life,” and of love. He cites its “unique ability to transform the webs and pillars of everyday life into silk and gold.”

I love how his photos are so natural and spontaneous, but never ordinary.

It was difficult to choose just a handful of photos to show in this post, I love so many of them. Get to know more about Jonathan Ong and view the rest of his amazing portfolio on his website.

And thanks for reading.


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