AS A TRAVELLER I pack light. Friends are always surprised when they see my luggage. “That’s all you’re bringing?!” As if it were the most absurd thing they’ve ever seen.Truth is, I’m not very comfortable with baggage. I don’t like lugging things around, especially if they’re heavy. So each time I travel for business or go on vacation, I make sure to pack only the essentials—the exact amount of underwear, tops, or dresses. That way, I can make room for travel finds along the way.

I’m the girl who finds it easy to unpack her suitcase upon arrival. And I’m also the girl who has no trouble choosing what to wear, because I’ve already sorted it out beforehand. Here are the 7 essential items on my packing list…


A set that’s comfortable, but not slouchy. In the morning, I can just change my top, put on my flats, and then head to the breakfast buffet. On vacation and breakfast in my pajamas…CHECK.
Travel essential: Vintage pajama set


I was never into big statement jewelry, and those can weigh some and take up a lot of precious suitcase space. I like thin rings, barely-there earrings, and dainty necklaces. What to wear: Black ring


Because the best way to travel is by foot! I’ll let my feet take me places, perhaps to a nearby coffee shop for a few bites and a flat white. What to pack: The Modern Point flats


I love how I can wear this top three ways: on its own, layered, or as a skirt! Travel essential: Button-down Chambray shirt


Not a wardrobe piece, but so important. I always bring a handy notebook with the intention of documenting the day—what I saw, what I felt, what I ate. Travel essential: Journal


Something I can wear with flats during the day or with heels at night. What to pack: Sleeveless jersey maxi dress


You’ll never see me with a handbag. I prefer a cross-body or a shoulder bag when traveling to keep my hands free. Travel essential: Drawstring purse

Clearly, I am not a fan of excess baggage when it comes to travel. As with life. Remember, pack light but smart. Take these ideas and make them your own. The simpler and the more versatile the pieces, the better.

*Beverly Dalton is a writer, stylist, and former fashion editor who loves yoga and black coffee. Curious, wise, and never boring. With the sensibilities of a modern French girl. Favorite so far: Silver Lake, LA. “It doesn’t have the typical LA vibe and I loved going to the record shops and coffee joints. I could see my younger self living there.” Dream destination: Batanes, Philippines. “I like how it’s far away from the central region and that if it rains, you’re stuck!” Thank you Bevs!