Scratch Paper Notepads

When you have piles of scratch paper lying around and you can only do so much paper mache you’re not about to throw it all into the trash. Because we are notoriously dependent on notepads, these cute handmade notepads came to be. Our scrap paper was mostly bond paper (with at least one side unused) and we thought this was perfect to make minimalist white notepads for memos and reminders and to do lists. All that’s essential is a cutting tool and some regular Elmer’s glue (yes, no need for fancy padding compound) We recommend a guillotine paper cutter which is as scary as it sounds but does the job of cutting all that paper to size really fast. Although a simple exacto knife could do the job too. You could also paint the finished note pads with any beautiful acrylic paint color to personalize them further. IDEA: Make a whole bunch of these notepads and color code them for the notepad addicts in your life using the acrylic paint which is totally OC, kind of geeky, but also sexy.

Scratch Paper Notepads

Scratch paper
Binder clips
Elmer’s Glue
guillotine paper cutter
acrylic paint
paint brush

1. Using the guillotine paper cutter, carefully cut your paper to size, depending on how big or small you want your note pads. You may need some practice with the cutter if it’s new to you. We stacked and aligned around ten pieces of paper for each cut. You can use the rulers on the cutter as a guide for the sizes. Or you can use an exacto knife and cut the paper on a proper cutting mat. Please be careful with any sharp cutting tool and never leave them unattended or within reach when children are around. 

2. Stack enough cut paper to make a notepad making sure the pages are as aligned as possible and secure on each side of the spine with binder clips.

3. Apply a layer of the glue on the spine of the notepad and smooth out with your fingers. Once the glue is applied but still wet you can secure the center of the spine with another clip to hold tight and clamp those pieces of paper in place. Don’t worry if the glue spills over the front or back–once the glue is dry you can simply rip out those first and last pages. Quickly clean up glue that spills over to the sides. Let dry.

4. Once the glue is dry, paint the spines if you wish with undiluted acrylic paint in the color of your choice. Allow to dry completely before using the notepads.

Happy making!

*Photo by Ina Amor Mejia.

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