In her piece for the New Yorker, Seeing Themselves: Photographers’ Self-Portraits, Jessie Wender says that the difference between a selfie and a self-portrait is that the latter requires “more consideration, more composition, more psychological insight and aesthetic care.” And so much more imagination, if I might add. I fell hard for these self-portraits by these rising photographers (Zev is fifteen), although the gifted Noell Osvald insists she is not one. I thought that it was apt that they all belong to this selfie-obsessed generation, and yet they transcend it with these photographs. These stunning, thoughtful, powerful photographs that show a depth beyond their years.

First photo and photo above: Into the Wild and Snow Queen by Melania Brescia.

Thoughts by Noell Osvald.

The amazing Kyle Thompson.

From the series Self-portraits with Luminaries by Amelia Coffaro.

Bloopert by Zev.

Fly by Zev.

Sweet Zev, one day you shall rule the world. Keep that wonder alive, and never stop taking pictures.