Mango Shake

We enjoy mangoes all year round in the Philippines, all kinds of mangoes! But none are as renowned as the ones from the island of Guimaras. Fleshy, supple, and sublimely sweet, ripened Guimaras mangoes are eaten plainly. In the summer there’s nothing like mangoes eaten cold, made into ice candy or a more elaborate frozen dessert, or sometimes blended into a mango shake. In fact, mango shakes are a favorite simple pleasure no matter where you go or what season it is in the Philippines.

You won’t need a recipe to make the shakes, just a blender and a list of key ingredients that we like to use, and some alternatives and add-ons for variety.

We like our shakes creamy and somewhat thick so we use: Good vanilla ice cream, cold evaporated or plain milk, and about a cup of frozen mango chunks (for 2-3 shakes). Add more ice cream if you want thicker and add more milk if you prefer a thinner shake. The use of ice cream, as well as freezing the mangoes ahead of time, eliminates the need for ice, although if you’d like to use that ice crusher, please feel free.

As for the add-ons, you could try flax seeds, frozen pineapple chunks, frozen banana chunks, or a dash of turmeric powder for the added benefits and a deeper yellow. You could also swap the vanilla ice cream for coconut milk or soy ice cream or frozen yogurt, and use your favorite nut milk instead of regular milk. Should you not have access to mangoes from the Philippines, any sweet and fully ripe variety that you enjoy eating will suffice. Serve immediately and enjoy.