We have been growing rosemary in our roof deck for a year now, and it has been one of the easiest culinary herbs to grow organically. Relatively hardy in our tropical weather, it is such a pleasure to grow and care for. I’ve always loved its scent—pine-like, earthy, and elegant. Whenever I go up there to prune it, when I’m done I like to bury my face in my hands and inhale.Turns out, this herb isn’t just great for roast chicken. It’s said to be one of those superfoods with benefits like digestive support, hair growth, immunity, and improving mood and memory. I sometimes like to bring sprigs down to my desk where I can quickly grab them and take a whiff. Lately I’ve been making the tea, by taking a single 3-4 inch sprig, washing it, then pouring some boiling water into a cup or mug with the sprig in it. And then letting that steep for about 5 minutes.

I’m not suddenly overjoyed or flooded with memories, but I do notice one thing in particular. I feel my mind clearing, and then a calm. Even if it’s just for a moment that feels awesome. It feels like being centered, and not overwhelmed. Like my brain took a deep breath. Honestly, being able to make this tea anytime is a great reason for growing rosemary, and for growing it organically. You don’t want any residual pesticides in your tea.

Some precautions: Don’t take the tea if you’re pregnant, because rosemary in certain amounts is said to cause uterine contractions. Never take rosemary essential oil orally. And if you have allergies or are under any medication for an illness, please consult your doctor first before trying any herbal remedy.

Thanks for reading!

*Photo by Ina Amor Mejia first appeared in Issue no. 2 of Hopefull Magazine