Back To School, Ready Or Not

It’s back-to-school week in our neck of the woods. Summer is officially history and we’re going full swing into another school year of homework, craft projects, birthday parties, meal planning and wardrobe arguments, mostly with my daughter, Caroline, who is fiercely opinionated about what she wears. For the record, she’s more immune than I am to those ubiquitous looms. When it comes to her red riding hood jacket however, there’s no fight. And she wears it most days as the start of school here always falls right at the beginning of rainy season.

I remember life as a student, when it was hard enough to get myself out of bed so early in the morning. Now I have to get myself, and my two beloved crazies out of bed. Jamon, our most complicated sleeper, has yet to get his act together. Here’s what he looked like around breakfast this morning…

But I can’t complain. I felt a bit anxious about the kids being away at school when all of this began. But now I relish all the free time it allows me. Even though I miss them. And even when I spend most of it working! And Gabby and I always remind ourselves (and the kids) of how grateful we should be that they can go to school at all. Because so many children in our country and elsewhere, can’t. Not decently, not freely, and sometimes, not without fear. I dream of the day when that will no longer be true for any child, anywhere in the world.

In the meantime, here we are. We’re a bit of mess here right now, but we’ll get there. What about you? Ready for school yet? Vacation over yet? Or is it just starting?Have a good one, and thanks for reading.

*Plus, funny and true: Parents at the start of school vs. the end. And please visit UNICEF to know about how you can support the effort to protect the rights of the most vulnerable children in the Philippines.


  1. Haha, nice breakfast photo of Jamon. Great read, as usual. And yes, when it comes to our kids, everything is a blessing.

    June 10, 2014

  2. haha! jamon's just too cute. i wonder how long it takes you to get the kiddies out of bed.

    June 14, 2014

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