So here I am, always looking for an excuse to wear a flower crown. If I were five years old and could get away with it, I’d wear one to the park, at the library, or just because. They always look best when the flowers are mixed with green, like with leaves or buds. Arranged in a way that says they were foraged for just that moment. Even fabric or paper blooms can get this look when chosen carefully. And when the crown is worn loosely and merrily, with silky flowing hair or side-swept in a messy bun.

Photo on left from Irrelephant. Photo on right via Indulgy

They can be oversized and a bit quirky, but always pretty.

Via Welt Der Traume.

Not into flowers? What? Then the Leaf Crown is yours. I would have them, especially if they looked like this.

Photo on left from Once Wed by Jose Villa. Photo on right from Style Me Pretty by Jasmine Star Photography.

Here’s one that you can make out of pine.

Photo and DIY from The Merrythought.
But these flower crowns, how about it?

Photo and DIY from Green Wedding Shoes.

There is something unforgettable about a bride with flowers in her hair.

From Style Me Pretty by Redfield Photography.

From Style Me Pretty by Leo Evidente Photographers.

But let’s not wait for a wedding to wear a flower crown. I’m going for ‘just because’.

Photo and DIY from A Beautiful Mess.

Hope this inspires you, and thanks for reading.

*First photo from Kiss the Groom.