Just one diet trick

Part of my job as associate editor of a food magazine was to know all the trends in the culinary world. This included the diets of the moment. Back then it was all about Atkins and South Beach, the blood type diet, and the French Women Don’t Get Fat diet. Then there was the Mediterranean Diet with its focus on heart health. But another diet got my attention because of this book. I ended up doing a feature for the magazine and learning about the habits of the longest living people on Earth. The Okinawa centenarians—who eat lots of tofu, seaweed and bitter gourd. They have a certain attitude towards life and keep active. And there’s this other trick I can’t forget.

It’s called Hara Hachi Bu — or eating until you’re 80 per cent full.

How do you know? Eighty per cent full means you’re satisfied, but you could eat more, but if you don’t, you’d be ok too. Apparently, it takes 10-20 minutes for the brain to register that you’re actually full. By the time it does, you’ve already overeaten. Thanks brain.

If I only remembered this during both my pregnancies, I wouldn’t have gained those 55 pounds of fried bananas and prosciutto. Just saying. And thanks for reading!

*Photo from My name is yeh


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