A highlight of my childhood in the small, sea-side town of Ormoc were the parties that were held in Deposito–the farm, where the sisters and brothers of my maternal grandfather lived. Two of these great-aunts, twins in their nineties, still live there. Back then we would gather in the main house, and the chairs and tables covered in red or green checkered mantels would spill over outside into the shade of an ancient Santol tree. It was one lunch under that tree, when I was old enough to really remember, that “the salad” forever endeared itself.

I couldn’t quite place the creaminess, or the little spheres of something (was it fruit?) that had both crunch and succulence. It was always served cold, and was never the center piece of the buffet (it was the Lechon). But how it sang amidst all the roasts and grilled seafood in those sweltering afternoons. It’s not the healthiest salad, but I love it, and I think you will too.

Cucumber, Corn and Melon Salad

1 cucumber, peeled and cubed
1 small cantaloupe, seeded and cubed
1 can corn kernels, drained
Good mayonnaise
A bit of heavy cream

1. In a medium sized bowl, gently mix the cucumber, cantaloupe and corn.

2. Add enough mayonnaise to coat the vegetables and fruit, and a tablespoon or so of heavy cream to taste. Keep covered in the fridge to chill before serving. The salad will have more liquid as it sits longer, and it is best made on the day it is served.

*Try to keep the cubes of cucumber and melon as equal in size as possible.
*Use cantaloupe (or rock melon) that is sweet but firm, but that can sometimes be challenging to find. If you had to choose, pick the firm but not so sweet melon over the sweet but soft one for the salad.
*You could season the salad with a bit of salt, but this could make the cucumber release more liquid.
*Serve cold with grilled meats or seafood.

P.S. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.