That joyful sound we heard early this year was of a million beauty junkies gasping and shrieking because Sephora Philippines finally went online. I know, because I probably gasped louder than most. After years of stalking the US site, my beauty wishes finally came true, and here it is. Sephora is the online equivalent of me going on a beauty shopping binge with my sister like we did back in the day. I felt pretty, thoroughly broke, and also slightly doomed. Only now in the comfort of my pajamas, and with a thousand more awesome products to choose from. I found four things at Sephora recently, and they were all instant faves.

Sephora Smooth & Bright Concealer


A creamy liquid concealer with a tapered brush applicator. How to use: Apply after foundation and pat gently under and in the corners of the eyes, around the nose, or use the brush for precise application on pimples or blemishes. How it works: Brilliantly conceals dark circles and illuminates under your eyes and looks almost lifting. Plus: Lightweight, paraben-free, and comes in many shades. Mine was radiant sand and it matched perfectly. Tip: If you’re rushing and have to use just one thing this is it. I learned this from my beauty-editor friend Beverly who sometimes uses just concealer to look polished. Final note: If my old concealer made me look like I went through hell last night and put on concealer, Sephora Smooth & Bright Concealer makes me look like I went through hell last night but survived with great skin. P804 at



A highlighting pen used on models on Burberry runway shows. How to use: Apply on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, brow bones, the jaw and chin, the cupid’s bow, and the collar bone. How it works: Super easy to use, with a beautiful, gossamer yet subtle finish, you’ll want to put it everywhere. Plus: Universally flattering shade eliminates the guessing game. Tip: Makeup artist Hrush Achemyan’s technique is to apply highlighters in downward strokes so your pores get concealed, not highlighted. Of course! Final note: I’m not so much into contouring with both dark and light colors. I think it’s great for photography, video (a coronation), but a bit much for everyday me thinks. But just highlighting? Count me in. And Burberry’s Fresh Glow Highlighting Pen does the trick. Instant bones! P1,809 at (Also at

Benefit Sun Beam

A liquid matte bronzer and highlighter with a brush applicator. How to use: Dot on the cheek bones and brow bones then pat or blend. How it works: Achieves a “sculpted” finish with a hint of shimmer and deep gold wherever you put it. Super subtle, just as it should be. Plus: It almost melts into your skin and dries into a matte gold that says “glow” instead of shine. Tip: Use Sun Beam to warm up pale skin or to highlight tanned summer skin. Final note: This is an awesome follow-up to High Beam, Benefit’s other liquid highlighter in a translucent pink shade. Sun Beam makes your face look like it’s forever in golden light. P1,500 at

Burberry Cashmere Foundation

The beauty blogosphere is abuzz with this long-wearing, waterproof, lightweight liquid foundation inspired by Burberry cashmere. How to use: Apply with a sponge, brush, or clean fingers. Single layer for light coverage, two layers for medium to full coverage. How it works: So easy to blend, and with a soft matte finish that makes skin look nearly flawless. I thought it blurred everything. Plus: It’s SPF 20, has numerous shades, and stylish packaging. Tip: Choosing the right shade doesn’t have to be tricky, test colors in natural light by applying swatches on your cheek and picking the one that disappears. Final note: I first tried this foundation in hot weather, and it blew me away. Felt like skin with none of that foundation smell. I chose 32 Honey and literally watched my face even out, even on my forehead, where its darker and oilier, and it had a warmth that made my skin look healthy. It’s pricier than most, but I’ve always thought that you should splurge on the one product that’s going to cover most of your face (and your neck). If you’re ready to get serious about your base, this is it. P2,848 at

Happy shopping guys!