Basic Himmeli

We’ve got a lot to thank Finland for. Among them is the Finnish Sauna (there are reportedly three million saunas in the country), and Angry Birds. That ubiquitous game released in 2009 which, nearly a decade later, remains one of the most popular in the world, next only to Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja. Sorry, I’ve never played any of those. But to be fair, I’m not much for games, or apps for that matter. But crafts, yes! Just in case you haven’t noticed.

Himmeli is traditional in Finland, they’ve been making them for centuries. But only a few years ago has the art of stringing pieces of natural reed into geometric shapes been embraced everywhere, with modern versions taking Himmeli to the next level.

I shot the photo above late last year, as part of a feature on ornaments for my friends at Northern and Southern Living magazines, and was quickly enamored. Instead of reeds you can use plastic straws, copper or brass tubing, you can make them into planters, desk accessories, light pendants, or elaborate sculptures. So much Himmeli, so little time!

Here’s a simple tutorial to get you started.

And thanks for reading!


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