Friday, August 05, 2016


Breastfeeding in public and the short film we all need to see. BY INA AMOR MEJIA

ONE NIGHT I saw British poet Hollie McNish for the first time in some random thing on BBC. She's one of those people who, at first glance, gives you the feeling you're going to see them again. In the four-minute Embarrassed, McNish teams up with filmmaker Jake Dypka in an adaptation of an earlier performance about the isolation and prejudice mothers face when they breastfeed in public. 

McNish's work is more potent when read out loud, and here with Dypka's fast-paced, artful style, the daily predicament breastfeeding mothers face hits even harder. I breastfed both my kids, sometimes in public, but I never felt like it was a big deal to anyone. Maybe I just didn't notice. Maybe it's a cultural thing. But for many women who still have to deal with this, McNish makes genius points in the film, but especially on how we tolerate nudity in the media and yet we can't leave breastfeeding mothers alone. 

Watch the film here. And thanks for reading!  

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