Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Habi Giveaway (closed)

HAPPY TO GIVE AWAY ANOTHER GIFT on the blog, and this one, I think, you're really going to love. Habi Footwear is a shoe company founded in 2011 by Janine Chiong, my cousin Paola Savillo, and Bernadee Uy. Three young social entrepreneurs, my favorite kind, who go beyond just profit to help make the world a better place. 

About Habi and how to win this giveaway...

Habi shoes are 100% Filipino made through a partnership with mothers from two urban-poor communities. The company employs about 17 of these women, who are tasked to weave the rags from recycled material used to make their stylish but affordable espadrilles and sandals that are sold in stores in Manila, Boracay (perfect no?), and in two stores in the United States. You can also purchase the shoes on their online shop.
I asked Paola:

What is your design process like?
First I research for designs online and around the malls. Then I show these designs to my teammates and friends and we finalize which ones we will have made into prototypes by our manufacturer. Once the prototypes are done, I show these to my friends then we have another batch made with the comments and suggestions taken into consideration. Once the prototypes are approved, we have a size run made then if these are okay, we have more pairs produced. 

What gives you and your partners the greatest fulfillment?
When we see that the business is growing through a larger sales volume and wider distribution channels, we could say that that really does make us feel like all the blood, sweat and tears we put in was definitely worth it. We also are inspired to keep on going when our friends, relatives and random people approach us and say that we inspire them to do the same, to take action in improving the welfare of the less privileged communities. Another form of fulfillment is when we see that our communities are more self-sufficient and empowered. They don't only depend on us for employment but also know that they themselves have the skill set and the capability to improve their situation. Also, seeing them starting to save and at the same time being able to reward themselves with a simple pizza party after a month's worth of rags makes us really happy.

How to join:
Up for grabs is a PHP 1,000 GC, for use in any of the Habi stores in the Philippines. Just leave a comment below saying how and where you plan to wear your Habi shoes, and don't forget to include your name. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Sunday, August 30 on Facebook here.

Good luck you guys, and thank you Habi!

Update: Congratulations Kate Delos Reyes! And thanks for joining everyone!

*Photos courtesy of Habi Footwear. 


  1. Looks like I could wear these and chase my 3-year-old around when I bring him to and pick him up from school everyday! - Kate Delos Reyes, Cainta

  2. this would be a great addition to my comfy footwear which I would use going to school and conquering all the walks and commuting I need to do! :) -Anna Adre

  3. I would wear this on a lazy weekend walking around the mall. Comfortable and durable footwear.

  4. The beach with my bikinis where else?!? :) Sarah Buena


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