Friday, October 03, 2014

For the Weekend

IT'S BEEN UNBELIEVABLE. So crazy-busy. Like a reflex, I've been waking up a full hour before my alarm for a month now. What to do when it gets this way? I'm saved by music from The Goat Rodeo Sessions, the triangle pose, and impromptu hug breaks with the crazies. Right now the kids are into planets and all that. It's the current topic of discussion and the subject of afternoon art. And I am suddenly the expert on black holes, moons, space travel and UFOs. But only because I try to answer the gazillion queries thrown at me every 30 minutes. And all this renews that sense of wonder and curiosity that has dulled somehow. We'll be looking up (a lot) this weekend. What about you?

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And the cutest coat.

Have a good one! See you on the next.

*Photo by Tumprins

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