Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Creepy photo

SO I WAS SUPPOSED TO get some work done today, but guess what happened. It must be all of this Halloween buzz going around. It's got me. It always does. Last year we made some bat silhouettes out of black card and taped them unto our windows. The kids had store-bought costumes and trick or treat. And Gabby and I watched reruns of Insidious. Darn it, James Wan! I still cover my eyes!

We really planned to rock homemade costumes this year, but this crazy schedule is making that sort of impossible (more on that later). So I thought we'd just jump right into all the creepiness and share with you our very own haunted image. To create this photo I took several shots of my son reading a book in the living room. And to our sheer horror, that creepy Samara-like girl just showed up in one of the images.

I'm kidding. 

That's his nanny Che-Che. Who is actually very lovable and kind, and thankfully, nothing like Samara (except for her long, thick black hair!). And my son who's always so game to pose and is such a great little actor in the making. I propped the camera on a tripod to keep it steady. Took some shots of Jamon, and another one without Jamon but with Che-Che doing that thing. And then on Photoshop, I layered the two images on top of each other, and just brought down the opacity of Che-Che's photo to get that vanishing effect. I duplicated her layer so I could 'vanish' her hair, but not her hands. 


What are you doing for Halloween? And thanks for reading.

* While we're at it, more creepy photos from the web! This, this, this,  and especially this.       

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  1. nicely done, ins! reminds me of a foto of me and bella long ago. i'll tag you on fb. and btw so lovin' that second creepy link, would you like to do something like that in one of manila's prewar buildings?


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