Friday, June 13, 2014

For the Weekend

AFTER AN EARLIER SCREENING at Sundance, the documentary Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Sr. (directed by Perri Peltz and Geeta Gandbhir) aired on HBO in the US on Monday, June 9. The voice of actor Robert De Niro weaves in and out of the 40-minute film as he reads entries from his late father's journals, letting them speak of the sufferings of a gay artist who, writes film critic Tom Shone, was "another of God's lonely men, watching the world leave him behind." The film sheds light on both father and son, and what it means to be an artist. In the film, De Niro says of his father, "To me he was a great artist, but you never impose that on people." Which is unnecessary, because his paintings are just beautiful. Read Tom Shone's moving article here, and view the works of Robert De Niro, Sr. here. Photo above by Angelo Novi. 

And Happy Father's Day on Sunday to great dads Gabby, Roby, Alex, and my Uncle Boy. And especially to my own beloved dad, Bobby. I love you Pops.

Plus more great links:

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Have a good weekend! See you on the next! 

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