Friday, March 28, 2014

For the Weekend

HOW MANY OF US really know what it is that we want to do? Doing it is another thing, but how to get past that first step and really know for sure before you go spending your life doing it. The kids had their "moving up" ceremonies last week. Like a graduation of sorts. Caroline will start first grade next school year which is a big step for her. I sat there beside Gabby in that dark auditorium watching her perform and I felt nostalgic, and other things. Does she and her brother know what they want to do? Can you know this early? Did I know then, and do I know now? Leroy Sanchez looks like he's got it down. He came a long way from Vitoria, Spain, to become a musician, and his youtube channel is a lesson in persistence. You can see how he's grown through the years and how he just keeps getting better. Check out his amazing cover of John Legend's All of Me.

And if it's good, you're sure, and it makes you happy, keep doing that thing you do.

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Take it easy, and see you on the next post!

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