Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wooden Pencil Holder

The stylish, easy-to-make desk accessory formerly known as "piece a junk".BY INA AMOR MEJIA

SORRY MARIE KONDO you're magical. But there are times my inability to declutter has served me well. Take for instance, this semi-large piece of thin wood that I just could not throw away. A piece of garbage really, except for its natural, smooth grain that worked well with paint or on its own. I made a clock with it, a little shelf for Caroline's toys, and the pencil holder you see above.

For the pencil holder, I simply had my carpenter friend cut three equal pieces to make all the sides, I glued them together using wood glue. Finally I filled in the corner gaps with wood filler, and then sanded the living daylights out of them. This pencil holder is a totally hard-working member of my desk right now and will remain so in the future. 

Get the step-by-step in the downloadable September issue of Hopefull Magazine, where this DIY appeared first. And here's the little shelf I made for Linny. 

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lessons from two years of gardening

How I went from 'black thumb' to "Oh my God you grew that?!" BY INA AMOR MEJIA

ALTHOUGH I GREW UP in a family of farmers and plant lovers, it took about eight years before I would bring plants into my own apartment. How this was even possible, eight long years with no green here except for dried moss, I don't know. But two Christmases ago we got a succulent as a present and it changed everything. Soon I was buying plants like a crazy person, pouring over gardening how-tos, making my own organic fertilizer and pesticides, and crying and rejoicing over plants in equal measure. I've learned so much in between. Here are my best lessons so far... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

7 Timeless Travel Essentials

A writer/stylist on the wardrobe pieces she never travels without.BY BEVERLY DALTON
AS A TRAVELLER I pack light. Friends are always surprised when they see my luggage. “That’s all you’re bringing?!” As if it were the most absurd thing they've ever seen. Truth is, I’m not very comfortable with baggage. I don't like lugging things around, especially if they’re heavy. So each time I travel for business or go on vacation, I make sure to pack only the essentials—the exact amount of underwear, tops, or dresses. That way, I can make room for travel finds along the way. I’m the girl who finds it easy to unpack her suitcase upon arrival. And I’m also the girl who has no trouble choosing what to wear, because I’ve already sorted it out beforehand. Here are the 7 essential items on my packing list…

Thursday, August 18, 2016

3 beauty recipes

We tried three beauty DIYs with coconut oil as the main ingredient. 
The verdict: easy, healthy, and they actually work. 

WHEN I THINK OF COCONUT OIL, I am reminded of my grandmother's beauty ritual. Every month, before 'cold-processed' was the method of choice, her beloved hairdresser would come to extract the oil by heating fresh coconut milk, filling the house with that creamy, nutty scent, and then massaging it into my grandmother's scalp. Though she kept it short, my grandmother's hair was glossy and thick, and it stayed that way until her last days. 

Today, I'm always looking for ways to use coconut oil at home. Recently, I tried three DIY beauty recipes that are not just easy, healthy, and fun to make---they actually do the job. My grandmother would have been proud...

Friday, August 05, 2016


Breastfeeding in public and the short film we all need to see. BY INA AMOR MEJIA

ONE NIGHT I saw British poet Hollie McNish for the first time in some random thing on BBC. She's one of those people who, at first glance, gives you the feeling you're going to see them again. In the four-minute Embarrassed, McNish teams up with filmmaker Jake Dypka in an adaptation of an earlier performance about the isolation and prejudice mothers face when they breastfeed in public. 

McNish's work is more potent when read out loud, and here with Dypka's fast-paced, artful style, the daily predicament breastfeeding mothers face hits even harder. I breastfed both my kids, sometimes in public, but I never felt like it was a big deal to anyone. Maybe I just didn't notice. Maybe it's a cultural thing. But for many women who still have to deal with this, McNish makes genius points in the film, but especially on how we tolerate nudity in the media and yet we can't leave breastfeeding mothers alone. 

Watch the film here. And thanks for reading!  

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